The Women's Center

5409 Avenue O, Suite 122 Fort Madison, IA Phone. 319.376.2400


Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Women's Center, opened in 2005, is a specialty service of the Fort Madison Physicians & Surgeons clinic. The Women's Center provides service to women in need of obstetrical or gynecological care. The Women's Center is staffed by the following professionals Dr. Meenakshi Palani,   Dr. Timothy Staudte, Dr. Leah Steffensmeier, and Melissa Lambert, WHNP-BC .

The Womens Center physicians and staff strive to provide each patient with a customized experience that not only meets her needs, but exceeds her expectations. For this reason, The Womens Center is committed to providing care in an environment that provides the patient with choices, convenience, education, and personal care.


Obstetrical patients of The Womens Center will have the choice between seeing one physician throughout prenatal visits or rotating between doctors to become familiar with them all.


For the convenience of women coming to The Womens Center for an annual gynecological exam, our staff can assist in scheduling a mammogram for that same day.
Each patient of The Womens Center will experience the convenience of having her chart available to the entire medical staff at Fort Madison Physicians & Surgeons when needed. If a woman requires a different type of care, such as family practice or internal medicine, her medical chart is automatically available to physicians of those specialties without the need to request a transfer of medical record.


The Womens Center provides patients with a full range of printed educational materials. In addition to the printed material, physicians and staff allow time during each appointment to answer questions and assure that each patient fully understands her condition.

For women who are expecting, The Womens Center, in cooperation with The BirthPlace at FMCH, provides the educational Mother's Manual along with comprehensive prenatal education classes.

Click Here, for a Prenatal Education Class Schedule or call The BirthPlace at 319-376-BABY.

Personal Care

Physicians and staff at The Womens Center are dedicated to getting to know each patient on a personal level. Learning about a patients lifestyle and interests helps guide a physicians recommendations for your health.

To demonstrate their personal dedication to your health, the physicians of The Womens Center take emergency calls directly to their own phone numbers after hours.


A wide array of services are available in The Women's Center to benefit a woman throughout her life cycle. In addition to common services such as annual exams, these physicians treat pelvic pain, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, cervical dysplasia, pregnancy and other common gynecologic and obstetric conditions.
More specialized services include:

Contraception counseling

Antenatal testing

Urinary incontinence and incontinence device fitting

Vulvar disease treatment



Colposcopy evaluation


Infertility work-up

Aesthetic Services

Cosmetic Procedures

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