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Keokuk Medical Center

Fort Madison Community Hospital (FMCH) has been in a partnership with Blessing Health System to operate Keokuk Medical Center (KMC) in Keokuk for the past three years.  While this has been a successful joint effort, the determination has been made to discontinue the partnership between FMCH and Blessing, therefore, closing KMC.  Patients will continue to be seen at KMC through August 31st.

KMC filled a void in health care in the Keokuk market during a difficult time.  Since then, other healthcare providers in the region have expanded their primary healthcare services, leading to the decision to close Keokuk Medical Center, allowing FMCH and Blessing to focus on other strategic healthcare needs in the region.

Dr. Oetken and Dr. Bowen and their professional staff provide compassionate, quality health care to patients seeking care at the clinic. They will continue to see patients through August 31st, 2018. Personal letters will be sent to all patients currently under the care of Dr. Oetken and Dr. Bowen with more details for continuity of care and how to attain their medical records. The KMC office will be open through September 28th for that purpose.

FMCH and Blessing are working with all of the team members at KMC to help them find new positions after the closing of KMC.


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