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Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Medicare pays for Annual Wellness Visits to manage enrollees’ good health. This includes making changes to improve quality of life and detecting health concerns early.

What does the Annual Wellness Visit include?

  • Personal and family medical history
  • Blood pressure, weight and vision checks
  • Depression screening
  • Brief cognitive screening for Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia
  • Medication check
  • Functional screening about ability to perform activities of daily living
  • Home-safety screening
  • Fall-risk screening
  • Advanced care planning

Why are Annual Wellness Visits important? 

  • They help identify high-risk patients to ensure these patients receive adequate services.
  • They may help reduce falls. One in four adults over 65 falls every year. Falls are a leading cause of injury-related deaths in older adults.
  • They address issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. For example, half of people suffering from depression don’t receive treatment.
  • They establish a partnership with your health care provider to improve quality of life.

An Annual Wellness Visit is a preventive care benefit. It is not a physical examination, which is not covered. Some health care providers may perform additional tests or services during the wellness visit. A copayment and/or deductible may apply.

How do I make an appointment for my Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?

To make an appointment for a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, contact your primary care provider’s office.

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