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Patient Safety

Patient Safety

Smoking/Tobacco Use

It is the policy of FMCH to promote, health, well being, and safety to all patients, visitors, and employees while on the Hospital grounds. Therefore the use of tobacco products is prohibited:

  • In all areas within the hospital buildings
  • On all property maintained by the hospital, including parking lots
  • In all vehicles owned, or rented by the hospital
  • In all employee vehicles when parked on hospital property, or when being used on hospital paid time

This policy covers all individuals working, visiting, or receiving medical care within the boundaries of this hospital property.

Fall Prevention

Accidental falls sometimes occur within the hospital setting. It is our goal at FMCH to eliminate these incidences from happening. There are many factors that contribute to accidental falls when you are a patient including:

  • Unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Medications that cause disorientation or lightheadedness.
  • Illness, condition or injury that can cause muscle weakness, fatigue, or loss of balance.

The following guidelines are meant to help you prevent falls while you are in the hospital:

  • Ask for help. Your caregivers are here to help you. If you feel dizzy or weak or are a fall risk, please request help before leaving your bed for any reason.
  • Be patient. If you have asked for help, please be patient, someone will be with you soon.
  • Leave rails in place. Side rails are designed to ensure a patient's safety and protection.
  • Follow your doctor's orders. To avoid falls always follow your doctor's orders and the nurse's instructions about staying in bed, getting up, walking or using assistance to go to the bathroom.
  • Choose non-skid slippers.

Rehabilitation Services has information available regarding how to prevent falls at home and exercises you can do to improve your balance and strength.

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